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STARK Stainless Steel

Foodsafe quality drives

STARK Stainless Steel Motors

We know that in addition to maximum production and profit, your highest priority is product safety.
Legal requirements in the field of food safety are becoming increasingly strict, both at European level and worldwide.

To guarantee this safety STARK electric motors produces efficient, hygienic, economical and sustainable stainless steel motors
with a high return on productivity, efficiency and usability.

Advantages and features of STARK stainless steel motors:

  • Available in IE3 and IE4
  • Food-grade quality
  • IP69K protection class
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Smooth surface for easy cleansing
  • Equipped with VITON O-rings/seals
  • Special one-way membrane pressure valve
  • EU-engineered components
  • Molded terminal block
  • Two-year warranty

STARK EBS electric motor

High quality, cost-effective and food-safe industrial electric motors for longlasting reliable drive systems. STARK stainless steel motors are suitable for applications where hygiene plays an important role.



Frame type: Stainless Steel
0.18 – 3kW
IE class: IE3
IEC size: 63 – 132
Protection Class: IP69K
Phase: 3-phase
Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Frequency Inverter (VFD) ready: yes
Mounting: B14A, B14B, B5, B3

Technical specs

Standards: IEC, NEMA
Voltage (V): 230/400V @50Hz, 265/460V @ 60Hz
Poles: 2-Pole, 4-Pole, 6-Pole
Cooling: TENV(<0.75kW), TEFC (1.1kW – 3kW)
Insulation class: F
Speed(rpm): 3000(1/min), 1500(1/min), 1000(1/min)
Condensation control: anti-condensation heater
Duty type: S1
Motor protection: PTC


Voltage range (V): voltage variations
Bearings: high temperature grease
Flange: special / custom flange
Sensors: PT100, SPM nipples, Bosch Rexroth SCD multi-sensor
Shaft: second shaft end, custom shaft dimensions

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Applications of stainless steel electric motors

STARK stainless steel motors are the ideal solution for environments where the highest hygiene standards apply, but also in situations where extremely high humidity and frequent cleaning cycles occur. Companies around the world use STARK stainless steel electric motors in various industries, applications and machines:

Food industry

Sectors: dairy, meat processing, beverages, bakery products, ready-made meals.
Machines: mixing machines, pasteurization equipment, packaging machines, cutting machines, filling machines.
Requirements: hygienic design according to guidelines such as HACCP, FDA and EHEDG, stainless steel housing, easy-to-clean surfaces, high reliability and accuracy, possibility of rapid product change, minimal product loss during processing.


Sectors: arable farming, livestock farming, horticulture.
Machines: irrigation systems, milking robots, crop protection equipment, manure processing systems, ventilation systems.
Requirements: robustness and reliability in different terrains and weather conditions, efficient use of resources such as water and energy, compliance with agricultural standards and regulations, minimal maintenance and service requirements, optimization of productivity and yield.

Pharmaceutical industry

Sectors: pharmaceutical production, biotechnology, generic drugs.
Machines: mixing systems, capsule filling machines, tablet presses, sterilizers, packaging machines.
Requirements: strict compliance with GMP guidelines, hygienic design, validation of processes and equipment, accurate dosing and product quality, traceability of raw materials, high-quality packaging and labels.

Packaging industry

Sectors: food packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, logistics.
Machines: filling machines, sealing machines, labelling machines, packaging lines, palletizers.
Requirements: efficient packaging processes, flexibility for different packaging formats, accurate dosing and weight control, high packaging quality, minimal product loss, in accordance with food safety and hygiene standards.

Water and wastewater treatment

Sectors: drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment.
Machines: filtration systems, aeration systems, reverse osmosis plants, sludge separators, disinfection systems.
Requirements: efficient removal of contaminants, reliability in continuous operation, compliance with environmental regulations, energy efficiency, minimal maintenance.

Chemical industry

Sectors: petrochemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals.
Machines: reactors, distillation columns, mixing equipment, pumps, heat exchangers.
Requirements: resistant to corrosive chemicals, high reliability, conform strict safety standards such as ATEX guidelines, precise control of process parameters, possibility of adaptation to different chemical processes.

Maritime industry

Sectors: shipbuilding, maritime transport, offshore industry.
Machines: wind turbines, navigation systems, winches, cranes and winches.
Requirements: resistance to corrosion by seawater, robustness and reliability in harsh environments, compliance with international maritime standards, energy efficiency, safety for crew and cargo.

Petrochemical industry

Sectors: refineries, chemical plants, plastics production.
Machines: distillation columns, reactors, compressors, pumps, heat exchangers.
Requirements: resistance to corrosive chemicals, high-temperature resistance, safety and compliance with regulations such as ATEX, reliability in continuous operation, energy-efficiency.

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Case study

Efficient drive for hygienic poultry processing

A machine builder of fully automatic poultry processing lines was looking for a stainless steel motor that would fit perfectly in their fully automatic poultry processing line and that combined durability, hygiene and reliability while optimizing the efficiency of the cutting process.

This machine builder found the ideal solution in STARK’s stainless steel motor. STARK supplied V19 stainless steel electric motors with an IP69K rating, especially for driving cutting blades in poultry processing lines. The engines are equipped with advanced drainage channels to efficiently remove waste and water and protect vital seals. With the implementation of STARK engines, the customer offers a reliable, sustainable and hygienic processing line in accordance with the highest safety standards and the requirements of the poultry processing industry.

“STARK’s stainless steel motors not only provide the power and efficiency we need for our poultry processing lines, but also meet the highest hygiene standards. The motor is a crucial part of our systems and contributes to ensuring food safety in production processes.”

STARK stainless steel: high-quality motors at competitive pricing

STARK stainless steel electric motors are the answer to the demand for reliable high-performance stainless steel motors that meet European standards and at the same time are available at a very favorable price at an extensive network of European distributors.

High quality

High quality in production, sales, service and maintenance


Large stock with short delivery times via global distribution network

Data & support

Accurate data, R&D, testing and native support within one working day

Price & quality

Very favorable price-to-quality ratio for all STARK stainless steel motors

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    STARK stainless steel electric motors offer superior product safety in machines that come into contact with food. Stainless steel prevents contamination, while smooth surfaces allow easy cleaning; crucial for food safety and regulatory compliance.

    STARK stainless steel electric motors have an IP69K protection class, which gives them maximum protection against moisture and corrosion. This high-quality seal makes them ideal for applications in wet and aggressive environments in various industries.

    When choosing a stainless steel electric motor, specifications such as IP protection class, power, insulation class and sealing systems are important. These specifications directly affect the performance, durability and reliability of the engine.

    Yes, STARK stainless steel electric motors are very suitable for applications with high temperatures and intense cleaning procedures, such as sterilization and high-pressure cleaning. They can withstand extreme conditions and maintain their performance and reliability even in such challenging environments.

    STARK carries out extensive quality controls during design, production and testing phases to ensure durable, reliable engines. In addition, we carefully select materials and apply strict production processes to meet the requirements of various industries.

    Fast delivery
    Safe packaging
    International distribution

    High-quality stainless steel motors at competitive pricing for companies that embrace the future of the industry

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