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STARK Stainless Steel

Foodsafe quality drives

STARK Stainless Steel Motors

We know that in addition to maximum production and profit, your highest priority is product safety.
Legal requirements in the field of food safety are becoming increasingly strict, both at European level and worldwide.

To guarantee this safety STARK electric motors produces efficient, hygienic, economical and sustainable stainless steel motors
with a high return on productivity, efficiency and usability.

  • Food-grade quality
  • IP69K protection class
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Smooth surface for easy cleansing
  • Equipped with VITON O-rings/seals
  • Special one-way membrane pressure valve
  • Worldwide stock and distribution
  • EU-engineered components
  • Molded terminal block
  • Two-year warranty


High quality, cost-effective and food-safe industrial electric motors for longlasting reliable drive systems.
Suitable for applications where hygiene plays an important role.



Frame type: Stainless Steel
0.18 – 3kW
IE class: IE3
IEC size: 63 – 132
Protection Class: IP69K
Phase: 3-phase
Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Frequency Inverter (VFD) ready: yes
Mounting: B14A, B14B, B5, B3

Technical specs

Standards: IEC, NEMA
Voltage (V): 230/400V @50Hz, 265/460V @ 60Hz
Poles: 2-Pole, 4-Pole, 6-Pole
Cooling: TENV(<0.75kW), TEFC (1.1kW – 3kW)
Insulation class: F
Speed(rpm): 3000(1/min), 1500(1/min), 1000(1/min)
Condensation control: anti-condensation heater
Duty type: S1
Motor protection: PTC


Voltage range (V): voltage variations
Bearings: high temperature grease
Flange: special / custom flange
Sensors: PT100, SPM nipples, Bosch Rexroth SCD multi-sensor
Shaft: second shaft end, custom shaft dimensions

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STARK Stainless Steel: High-quality Motors at Competitive Pricing

STARK Stainless Steel electric motors are the answer to the demand for reliable high performance stainless steel motors that meet European standards and at the same time are available at a very favorable price at an extensive network of European distributors.

High Quality

High quality in production, sales, service and maintenance


Large stock with short delivery times via global distribution network

Data & Support

Accurate data, R&D, testing and native support within one working day

Price & Quality

Very favorable price-to-quality ratio for all STARK Stainless Steel motors

Fast Delivery
Safe Packaging
International Distribution

High quality stainless steel motors at competitive pricing for companies that embrace the future of industry

Stainless Steel Applications

Stainless steel motors are pre-eminently the solution for environments where the highest hygiene standards apply, but also in situations where extremely high humidity levels and frequent cleaning cycles occur.

Companies all over the world use STARK Stainless Steel Electric Motors in applications, machinery and equipment such as conveyor systems, mixers and cutting, sorting and filling machines in the Food & Beverage industry, chemical plants and medical production facilities.

STARK and ABC Group

ABC Group is an innovation network of global partners that offers high quality industrial drive systems and components like STARK Stainless Steel motors. By joining forces, ABC Group makes the way larger enterprises work available to smaller companies.

Central to this is international excellence, networks and growth. ABC Group is further characterized by:

  • High quality in production, sales, service and maintenance
  • Smart and cost efficient logistics organization
  • Large EU stock with short delivery times thanks to the extensive European distribution network
  • R&D, testing, prototyping and integration in drive systems
  • Customer-specific electric motor and drive solutions
  • Knowledge sharing and exchange of strategic information between all partners

Gemeinsam sind wir STARK
Together we are strong

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